2016 Taste Gala Event

Find out why Hawai‘i Island food producers work to feed our island

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2016 Taste of the Hawaiian Range

Taste of the Hawaiian Range 2016

A Celebration of Hawai'i's Locally Grown Foods

For over 21 years Taste of the Hawaiian Range and Agriculture Festival has provided the venue for sustainable agricultural education, encouragement and support of locally produced agricultural products. The premiere ag-tourism event is a partnership between CTAHR, Hawaii Cattlemen’s Association, Hawaii Cattlemen’s Council, Kulana Foods, UH-Hilo CAFNRM, County of Hawaii Department. on Environmental Management and community volunteers.

Besides offering delicious "tastes" of dishes using locally produced, grass-fed meats and fresh fruits and veggies, the popular event also gives attendees the opportunity to meet the people who are growing our food.

Taste of the Hawaiian Range Ballroom


Beef supply and demand video shotSome of it’s in the Islands, but not enough is produced here to meet resident and visitor demand, explains a new video produced by Glen Fukumoto (HNFAS) that was recently presented to the local beef industry. But while local producers will never be able to supply total demand in Hawai‘i, grass-fed beef production can definitely be increased here, with improved financial, land, water, and management resources. Rainfall is the biggest driver in grass-fed beef production, Glen points out: “no rain, no grass, no beef.” However, in the right locations, technological innovation can help to offset decreasing rainfall patterns. Check out the video while eating a tasty plate of local grass-fed steak!